'Sherlock' actress Amanda Abbington has claimed her purse was stolen during Sunday night’s Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. The actress, who plays Mary Morstan in the BBC One drama alongside husband Martin Freeman, said her purse was taken while she was onstage collecting the show's award for Best Television Film.

Amanda Abbington and Martin FreemanAmanda Abbington (pictured with husband Martin Freeman) says her purse was stolen during the Emmy Awards

On Twitter yesterday Abbington told fans: "Thanks for the lovely tweets re; the Emmy's. So pleased we won! Cool, right? However, we went up to collect the Emmy, did some press, came back to my seat and some bastard had nicked my purse from under my seat. Nice.”

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The actress added that after the ceremony was over she had ‘hung around until everyone had left the auditorium,’ but there was no sign of the bag.

Later on Monday evening she gave fans and update saying the purse had still not been found. "Thanks for all the kind words re: my handbag. Still no sign of it. And can't use find my iPhone as my wifi wasn't on. Onwards and upwards,” she wrote.

At Sunday night’s ceremony ‘Sherlock’ took home the Best Television Film award for ‘Sherlock: The Abominable Bride’. Abington collected the award alongside producers Rebecca Eaton, Sue Vertue and showrunner Steven Moffat.

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During their acceptance speech Moffat backed the BBC in the ongoing ‘Great British Bake Off’ controversy, telling the audience: "Thank you to the BBC who we love above all bakery. British people will get that.”