Amanda Bynes is taking her disgruntlement at her recent Dui arrest right to the highest level after tweeting the Twitter page for current US President Barack Obama's campaign in order to not only get herself acquitted, but to get the police inspector who took her in fired!
With an election campaign not too far around corner, not to mention economic and military issues you'd assume that Obama was probably a little too busy to deal with the 'Hairspray' actress's qualms. That's not stopped the 26 year old however and she wrote a Tweet to his page that read "I don't drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me."
People Magazine reports that the charge for Dui was filed on Tuesday, and relates back to an incident on April 6th when she was pulled over in West Hollywood having allegedly side swiped a police car in her Bmw when trying to turn right. In further damning allegations, Bynes was said to have refused both a breathalyzer and drug test. As a first time offender she could face 48 hours in jail and three years' probation as well as a nine-month alcohol program, with the additional possibility of losing her driver's license for a year. Bynes may be furiously denying this claim, but recent history doesn't back her up as a conscientious driver. A week after this arrest, she backed up on a curb whilst texting and in a separate incident was seen holding up traffic whilst performing a three-point U turn.