After a 26 day silence, Amanda Bynes made a reappearance on Twitter, posting a picture of herself trying on new dresses, reports E! Online. For a change, she seemed in good shape, so we can hope that she can get her personal life back on track.

Following a series of bizarre incidents throughout the autumn, Bynes started a Twitter silence on November 10th. She then posted a picture of herself in the fitting room of a Valley Village, California boutique, looking in good health and having undergone another image change. Lavender hair out, blonde hair in.

Amanda Bynes Twitter
Amanda Bynes tweeted this picture of herself on Saturday, adding "I'm loving Boutique Jules!"

The star’s behaviour throughout the early autumn, including being questioned about shoplifting from Barney’s in New York after allegedly leaving the store wearing a hat she had been trying on, being arrested for a suspected DUI in Los Angeles and being spotted talking to herself in a restaurant at LAX airport. Amid mounting concerns for her mental wellbeing, she was placed under involuntary psychiatric hold on October 10th.

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Following her release at the end of that month, the 28 year old actress attracted yet more attention from the media. The hotly contested battle in court to free herself ended up in the leak of audio clip in which Bynes seemed to say that she wanted to kill her parents, going in to quite a lot of detail. But she later said that she was joking, “obviously”. Okay…

The star’s mother, Lynn Bynes, stepped down as her personal conservator when Amanda left Las Encinas hospital, and a professional was hired to take care of her daily medical needs.

Let's hope that this signifies a new start for the former child star.

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