Amanda Bynes could be confined to hospital for a year.

The 28-year-old actress, who was recently arrested for driving under the influence [DUI] and accused of shoplifting, was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital in Pasadena, California on Friday (10.10.14) and her doctors are reportedly going to court to obtain an LPS Hold, which would allow medics to confine her to hospital or another secure facility and administer medication against her will and lasts up to 12 months, TMZ reports.

A judge will grant the special type of conservatorship if they feel a patient is ''gravely disabled as a result of a mental disorder or impairment by chronic alcoholism.''

Doctors were previously granted an LPS Hold on the 'She's the Man' star over a year ago following a series of erratic incidents, including setting fire to a stranger's driveway and dousing her dog with gasoline, but the court order expired last month so it is likely a judge will be asked to grant another within a week.

It is believes an LPS Hold won't be sought until Amanda has been given a diagnosis.

It has been claimed that the troubled star feels utterly betrayed by her parents Rick and Lynn Bynes after they secretly arranged for her to be taken to hospital in California.

A source claimed the 'Easy A' star says her relationship with her mother and father has been ''destroyed forever'' and she is furious with them for tricking her into seeking treatment.

Amanda spent five months in a treatment facility in July 2013 when she was placed under involuntary psychiatric hold.

She was released in December and appeared to be getting her life back on track until a conservatorship giving her parents control of her affairs came to an end last month.