Amanda Bynes is ending her podcast to train to be a manicurist.

The 37-year-old star - who rose to fame on Nickelodeon shows 'All That' and 'The Amanda Show' - launched 'Amanda Bynes and Paul Sieminski: The Podcast' on December 9, before pulling the plug over the weekend because she didn't have guests like "Drake or Post Malone" lined up.

However, just one day later, on Monday (18.12.23), she made a U-turn in her decision.

She has since announced she is going to turn her attention to doing nails instead of the podcast.

Amanda wrote on her Instagram Story: “The 1st episode of my podcast did really well.. I was actually surprised and of course was going to keep going after friends encouraged me to..

“After thinking about it, though, I would rather get my manicurist license and have a consistent job.

“I’m going to follow that path instead. Thank you for following my journey!”

Earlier this week, she wrote: "So I wanted to post something about how I felt last night after I made a post that we were pausing the podcast.

"I felt really sad and I was like in a really bad mood because the podcast was something I was actually really looking forward to filming next week."

Amanda added that the project was something she was "really excited and happy about".

She confirmed: "So I talked to a few friends and they all said to keep going so we're going to continue the podcast."

The 'She's The Man' actress noted that she was too hasty with her decision, while her comments weren't fair on the guests she'd already set up.

She said: "I think that podcasts just take time to grow, to build a following, so I shouldn't have said what I said last night about not getting the type of guests that we were looking forward to getting because you never know, we might get them in the future and the guests that we have lined up are actually really great.

"I'm really looking forward to filming the next episode, and that's about it."

Hours before announcing the short-lived hiatus, Amanda told TMZ she wouldn't be talking about her acting career or troubled personal life, including being in mental health treatment facilities, on the podcast.

Instead, the 'Easy A' actress and Paul wanted the focus to be on their guests, as they find their stories more interesting.

Whether the podcast will return is anyone's guess.