Amanda Bynes has failed her manicurist license exam.

The 38-year-old former actress quit Hollywood over a decade ago after suffering a slew of personal issues and in recent years has pursued a career in cosmetology but took to social media late on Monday (08.04.24) evening to reveal that she has returned to school so she can study further theory before taking the test again.

She wrote on Instagram: "Since I haven't passed the board exam yet to get my manicurist license I started back at school to study manicurist theory and to practice doing acrylics before I take the test again so I'll be good to go when I get a job at a nail salon."

After quitting the business, the 'Hairspray' star graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in 2018 but in 2022 began studying cosmetology and an insider explained that her sights are now set on becoming a manicurist.,

The source said: "She graduated almost two years ago but didn't immediately apply for her license. She needs to practice doing acrylics and study manicurist theory to pass the board exam."

In December last year, Amanda - who split from her fiancee Paul Michael in July 2022 after three years together - landed her own podcast but pulled the plug on it after just one episode having decided to pursue a more steady job.

At the time, she wrote on Instagram: "The 1st episode of my podcast did really well. I was actually surprised and of course was going to keep going after friends encouraged me to.

“After thinking about it, though, I would rather get my manicurist license and have a consistent job.

“I’m going to follow that path instead. Thank you for following my journey!”