Amanda Bynes has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately, but now it looks as though things are worse than they at first seemed as reports have emerged that say the former child star is displaying signs of delusional behaviour and may be becoming mentally unstable.
According to TMZ, a number of people close to Bynes have all said that she is exhibiting signs of mental instability and her troubles with the law - including her driving and marijuana use offences - my be the least of her problems.
The celebrity gossip site has been doing it's fair share of sleuthing and apparently has been in talks with a number of people close to her, including a handful of individuals who are members or workers at her West Hollywood gym. One person told the site that Amanda came to the gym last Thursday (September 13th) looking dazed and began speaking with herself, making comments and then answering back, whilst another reported that she began laughing hysterically to herself at one point for no apparent reason.
Similarly, some of her neighbours have also voiced their concern over the behaviour of Amanda, with some mentioning that they have seen the star having long conversations with inanimate objects whilst in her garden. Both her neighbours and the people from the gym have said that recently it seemed as though her condition was deteriorating.
Amanda shares her Hollywood condo with a group of close friends, many of whom are wary of mention her potential condition due to her star status. However, those who have made a passing comment to the situation have warned that she is not merely a druggie that is starting to lose it, but in fact her problem is a much more serious one.