Amanda Bynes has reportedly checked back into another mental health facility just days after being released to outpatient care.

The 37-year-old actress spent around two weeks in the last facility after being placed on a “5150 hold” for the second time this year but was released in early July, however reports Amanda has now entered a new treatment centre in Orange County, California because she "felt she needed more help than the outpatient treatment was providing".

The website also reports Amanda wanted to be in a more "therapeutic place" rather than living alone at her apartment in Los Angeles.

She's said to have chosen the new treatment centre after it was recommended by experts at the previous facility where she was receiving care.

The 'Hairspray' star was previously placed on a “5150 hold” in June after apparently calling police for help. It came just months after being placed on another hold back in March after she was reportedly found wandering the streets of Los Angeles naked.

A 5150 psychiatric hold is designed to protect those with mental health disorders who could be considered a danger to themselves or others and allows them to be taken into care involuntarily to undergo psychiatric assessment and crisis intervention for a period of up to 72 hours.

Amanda has suffered mental health issues in the past and previously spent nine years under a conservatorship which was controlled by her mother Lynn. The conservatorship began in 2013 after she was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric treatment facility in Pasadena, California following a public meltdown and a string of legal troubles. The protective order ended last year.