More bizarre behaviour from Amanda Bynes. The Nickelodeon actress has barely been out of the headlines of late and today (September 20, 2012) is no exception. TMZ have now reported that Bynes got herself chucked out of a gym class, for behaving inappropriately. You’d think that Amanda might just stay home for a few days until her reputation has healed a little but she seems intent on going about her business in her own unique, headline-grabbing way.

The latest report from TMZ alleges that Bynes attended a 50-minute spin class at the Equinox centre in Hollywood but was asked to leave by the instructor before the class had even ended. Sources at the gym told TMZ that the 26 year old was participating in the class, when she suddenly stopped and started to walk around the room, seemingly looking for another bike. Once she found another bike to use, she removed her top, to reveal a small black push-up bra. Not a sports bra, the source was keen to add. Then, approximately 25 minutes into the class, she stopped cycling again, picked up her Louis Vuitton purse and started re-applying her make-up. And we’re not talking quickly touching up her foundation here; apparently Amanda went to town, doing her lipstick, eyeliner, everything. The class instructor finally snapped at this point and ordered Bynes to leave the class. The source reveals he couldn’t believe that someone would start applying makeup in the middle of a class.

The news comes hot on the heels of several Amanda Bynes DUI dramas and tales of Amanda locking herself in a boutique changing room for almost two hours, as well as reports that her parents have moved back up to California to support their daughter during this evidently problematic period.