Amanda Bynes' recent erratic behaviour doesn't seem to be showing any signs of levelling out. The latest reports reveal that the Nickelodeon star went on a lengthy clothes shopping trip yesterday (September 17, 2012), which saw her spend almost 2 hours in a boutique dressing room. Now, we've all suffered those embarrassing moments where we get stuck inside a too-small dress in a changing room. but 2 hours? That's pretty excessive by most people's standards. According to TMZ, Bynes went shopping in trendy West Hollywood and popped into the hip boutique Kin, where she proceeded to confuse store staff by holing herself up in the changing room for an hour and 45 minutes. Apparently, the staff heard banging from inside the changing room every 10 minutes or so and asked if 26 year-old Bynes was okay. Another staff member was called and they drove to the store but were unable to coax Amanda out of the dressing room. "I need more time," the actress told them. When she emerged, around 5:30pm, she took a number of items to the till to pay for. At first it seemed that she had forgotten about a bathing suit top that she tried on but she remembered before leaving the store and paid for it. When she spotted some paparazzi outside, Bynes asked the store staff if they could call her a cab. In TMZ's video, she can be seen getting into the cab, with her face covered. She is helped into the cab by a young man and refuses to comment on the reporter's question about whether or not she feels she should be under a conservatorship. The clip ends with him commenting, cheekily: "It's good that you're getting taxis now;" a comment on the recent string of Amanda Bynes DUI offences that have kept her in the headlines.