Several Amanda Bynes' DUI incidents have caused growing fears about the mental well-being of the young actress. Well, we needn't worry, according to the 26 year-old; she's absolutely fine. To recap, it's been widely reported now that Bynes had her driving license suspended in the wake of an incident in April that saw her refuse to take a sobriety test after being pulled over for a suspected DUI. However, this hasn't stopped her driving, according to several sightings; on September 11th, Bynes was seen driving aimlessly around for several hours, with TMZ alleging that she was drunk and smoking from a marijuana pipe at the time. Following that incident she had another minor incident where she crashed into the bumper of another car, before officials eventually were left with no choice but to impound the vehicle after spotting it parked outside the Bob Hope Airport in California. A new TMZ report though says that Bynes has hit back at rumours that she's mentally unstable, insisting that she's completely fine and doesn't have an issue with drink or drugs currently. Furthermore, Bynes seems to be pretty dismissive of the allegations being levelled at her, regarding her driving - something her recent actions would also attest to. She's reportedly claiming that the charges currently against her are made-up. It's a statement somewhat at odds with other reports that suggest the actress has indeed shown signs of mental distress, including talking to inanimate objects.