Amanda Holden was left red-faced after congratulating a contestant on Britain's Got Talent on being pregnant - only to find she wasn't actually expecting. The talent show judge - who recently gave birth to her second child - made the error during an audition round for the Itv show.
Speaking during an interview for the show's website, Holden revealed that she was actually lured into congratulating the woman by head-judge Simon Cowell, saying, "Simon's always playing pranks on me but the most memorable one involved a contestant. Just before she came on stage, Simon whispered in my ear that she was pregnant.Naturally, I congratulated her and it turned out she wasn't and it was one of Simon's fibs. I was so embarrassed". Amanda confessed that the panellists get up to numerous pranks and japes to liven up the laborious task of sifting through the not-so-good contestants - saying she and Simon often attempt to slip bizarre words and phrases into their feedback comments including 'banana flan' and 'moray eel".Alesha="" dixon="" formerly="" a="" judge="" on="" rival="" show="" come="" dancing="" the="" series="" begins="" march="" will="" go="" head-to-head="" with="" bbc="" new="" singing="" voice="" which="" boasts="" an="" even="" more="" impressive="" panel="" including="""" tom="" jones="" jessie="" j.="">