Amanda Holden has been the recent victim of the words feud between shows 'The Voice' and 'Britain's Got Talent'. According to The Daily Star, Sir Tom Jones has revealed that he had never even heard of Amanda Holden before the show.

The two shows have been involved in rivalry since they had to overlap for 20 minutes last week, sparking a ratings war. When Amanda Holden had been asked by Digital Spy last week why viewers should tune into 'Britain's Got Talent' rather than 'The Voice', Holden replied: 'Because [Tom] will be spinning in his grave next week.' However, Tom Jones has decided not to see the funny side of the comment, by now suggesting that he had no idea who Holden even was before he watched the talent show. Speaking to the Daily Star, he stated: 'I had no idea who she was or what she did'. The two shows have been exchanging insults since 'The Voice' was announced a few weeks ago.

Last week, 8.43 million viewers tuned in to 'The Voice' between 7pm and 8.20pm, peaking with 9.8 million viewers in the 20-minute clash, compared to 'Britain's Got Talent' who had 6.55 million viewers during the overlap. The two shows are set to clash once again tonight (31 Mar 2012). 'The Voice' is on BBC1, whilst 'Britain's Got Talent' is on ITV1.