Amanda Holden has an unusual beauty secret to keep her looking 10 years younger.

The 'Britain's Got Talent' judge has revealed her biggest kept beauty secret to get rid of dark circles and under-eye wrinkles, admitting she puts haemorrhoid cream on her face.

Speaking about the cream - which is usually used to treat piles - Amanda told her Heart Breakfast co-host Jamie Theakston: ''Instead of using tea bags under your eyes, or expensive eye creams, I've got what you all need. Just dab some haemorrhoid cream under those puppies and you'll be looking 10 years younger. Well, it's for a veiny area in the first place, right? So it decreases the visibility of wrinkles and dark circles. It's an amazing trick, just try it out for yourselves and trust me, you'll never go back!''

Amanda loves to wear makeup and even gave birth in ''full glam'' after being told she needed to have a caesarean section.

After being told she needed C-section to give birth to her eldest daughter Lexi, now 14, because of her placenta previa - which causes the placenta to block the opening to the womb - she decided to go all out with her make-up look, as she knew it wouldn't get ruined by a strenuous birth.

Amanda - who has Lexi and Hollie, eight, with her husband Chris Hughes - said: ''My Lexi had this thing called placenta previa which means she couldn't come out the normal way because her placenta was in the way, she was using it as a cushion basically, she was doing like a headstand on it.

''So I had to have a C-section so I did full glam. I had lip gloss, I did a lash. I literally said 'Can I wear my [stilettos]?' and they went, 'No way you, have to take your shoes off.'''