'THE VOICE' and 'BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT' have been exchanging insults all week but the real winner will be revealed tonight (24 Mar 2012). Both 'THE VOICE' and 'BRITIAN'S GOT TALENT' will begin their series tonight on BBC1 and ITV1 respectively.
Even though the real outcome will be revealed tomorrow when the ratings are released, the shows have been involved in a conflict of blows and insults in the past few weeks. Amanda Holden was first seen stating that instead of spinning in his chair, Tom Jones 'might be spinning in his grave next week' whilst Simon Cowell added that the BBC were obsessed with him: 'The Voice was brought in deliberately to compete with us. They got The Voice so we said, 'Well we've just got to make a better show'. It is an obsession with them. The BBC are trying to prove a point at the moment. Luckily it's the public that decide. We'll just concentrate on our own show but if they want to compete, bring it on.' This then forced Tom Jones to get involved suggesting, 'This show is nothing to do with Simon Cowell. It's not like anything he's done before. There is no competition. We are all talented singers. We've been there and done it and I think we are well qualified for what we are doing.'
Both set of judges have been bigging up their shows in past weeks but now the audience will decide tonight. The first series of 'The Voice' kicks off on BBC1 at 7pm, whilst 'Britain's Got Talent' begins a new series on ITV1 at 8pm.