Amanda Peet is considering divorcing her husband, Game Of Thrones showrunner David Benioff, because he did not forewarn her of the death of one of her favourite characters on the show (spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t seen season 5).

Amanda PeetAmanda Peet at the 87th Academy Awards Vanity Fair party in Los Angeles, February 2015.

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Peet appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier on this week and she revealed she had spoken to her husband about not killing off her favourite character, Jon Snow. However, tragically for fans of Snow the world over, he met a grisly end in the finale of the season.

“I’m in the process of getting a divorce – not kidding,” Peet revealed.

“I made him [Benioff] promise me, I begged him,” Peet continued. “He went out with Kit [Harington] two weeks before the finale. I said ‘I’ve heard all the stuff, he’s got a haircut, what’s going on? I don’t want to divorce you. What’s happening?’”

Peet further explained how she had asked Benioff to send her a picture of Harington in order to see his hair. For those not in the know, Harington’s distinctive mane of unruly curls is considered an indicator of his possible return to the show. Peet joked that when her husband showed her Harington still had longish hair, her ‘whole marriage blossomed again’.

The plot of Game of Thrones is being kept top secret and Peet explained how she was as shocked as the rest of us, despite being married to the man in charge of the whole production!

“It’s a little bit like being married to someone in the CIA or something, except for not as important,” she said.

Peet also did an impression of Jon Snow which was fairly terrible and had a distinct Irish-Scottish twang. Take a look at the video below. 

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