Amanda Peet has defended her husband amid the 'Game of Thrones' finale backlash.

The 48-year-old actress is married to 'GoT' showrunner David Benioff, 49, and said she ''didn't understand the blowback'' to the final season.

During an appearance on 'Watch What Happens Live', Amanda was asked by host Andy Cohen: ''I have to ask you as your husband is the co-creator, what did you think of the finale? It got so much cr*p, but what did you think?''

Pointing to her husband, Amanda said: ''I mean, he's right there!'' before continuing: ''I had read it, and I loved it when I read it, and I continue to stand by it. I just feel like maybe some people couldn't - didn't want to say goodbye, I don't know. Look, maybe I'm just too close to it. But I didn't understand the blowback. For God's sake, people, it's a television show!''

The eighth and final series of the show received mixed reviews from critics and fans last year but the stars of 'GoT' have been vocal with their support.

Kit Harington previously said: ''I know how much work was put into this. I know how much people cared about this. I know how much pressure people put on themselves and I know how many sleepless nights working or otherwise people had on this show. Because they cared about it so much. Because they cared about the characters. Because they cared about the story. Because they cared about not letting people down.

''Now if people feel let down by it, I don't give a f**k. That's how I feel.''

And Kerry Ingram recently told BANG Showbiz: ''I think the ending was good, they took into account a lot of the first season. The show started with the Starks and it ended with the Starks.

''Also I think that the main reason the ending was so controversial is because the show had been running for so long that people had created their own endings. People write their own fan fiction, they write their own endings and it's wonderful to see but then people get ideas in their head and the ending will never match up to their ideas. But you can't please everyone and I personally think it was really, really good.''