The Something's Gotta Give star and her Game of Thrones co-creator husband David Benioff were raised Jewish, while her father was a Quaker, so they agreed not to celebrate the Christian holiday.

But when their children started to ask questions about Christmas, Peet thought it would be a good idea to write a book that would help them understand.

"My kids started asking me, 'Why don't we have any decorations on our house? Why don't we have a Christmas tree? Why isn't Santa coming to our house?'" she says. "I had to explain, 'Well, you're Jewish', but that's sort of as far as we got. So I wrote a book about this issue, where some kids don't celebrate Christmas and other cultures and religions don't observe this holiday."

As a child, Peet celebrated both Christmas and Hanukkah, but she and Benioff opted not to celebrate the Christian holiday as a couple - and she can only hope their kids don't feel left out.

"A lot of kids are jealous," she continues. "It's beautiful around town with all the beautiful decorations and everything and they just don't really understand why they can't have it.

"When you're Jewish, they (Christmas decorations) feel very romantic, and when you're left out it feels like it's everywhere and it feels sparkly... (So) I needed the book, I needed a way to celebrate and not celebrate... and I just wanted to give it to my own kids."