Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long have matching T-shirts featuring her pet dog.

The 'Ted 2' actress is devoted to her beloved pooch Finn and was delighted when Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci gifted her and her boyfriend with the custom garments.

She said: ''Finn is like a person! Ricardo even made me a T-shirt with him on. It's really funny. He made one for Justin too.''

The 29-year-old beauty always tries to take good care of her skin because she spends so much time outdoors with Finn.

She said: ''In the day I wear nothing on my face apart from sunscreen.

''I'm constantly applying it because I am outside and take my dog to the park every day so I get a lot of sun.''

And Amanda is very careful about her twice daily skincare routine.

She explained to LOOK magazine: ''Every morning I wash my face with Cle de Peau cleansing foam, then the toner, then the cream.

''At night I do the same - I wash my face and put the cream on super thick. Then, right before bed, I put a little lavender oil on my nose - it calms me, especially if I'm feeling anxious.''