Amanda Seyfried feels less depressed when she cuts her hair.

The 'Ted 2' actress is currently sporting a new shorter do and not only does she adore the new style, she would recommend it to anyone feeling ''uninspired'' with their life.

Amanda - who is donating her 12inch ponytail to Locks of Love, an organisation which provides hairpieces to disadvantaged children - said: ''I f***ing love it!.

''When in doubt -- anything -- you're depressed, you're really uninspired in your life -- cut your f***ng hair. I swear to God. And then give it away.''

Though the 29-year-old star - who is dating actor Justin Long - would love to go even shorter, she won't get it cropped too closely because of her bizarre-shaped head.

She told People: ''I have this really weird bump on the back of my head like a valley - two hills and a valley. It's not good. I would have no male suitors.''

Amanda had her hair cut while on set with Clé de Peau Beauté -- the make-up and skincare label of which she is the face - and admitted she felt like they ''owned'' her locks so was delighted when they suggested she tried a new look.

She said: ''I did it for work. I've been doing this campaign for years, and I always felt like they essentially owned my hair, and I was happy about that, and on a shoot for them with Orlando Pita, they were like 'You should cut your hair if you want to,' and I'm like, 'I do'.

''And then it all came off. It felt like a lot.''