Amanda Seyfried says the idea of becoming a mother seems ''natural'' to her.

The 'While We're Young' star, who has been dating Justin Long since 2013, admits she is eager to have children in the future.

Asked if she wants to have a family at some point, the 29-year-old actress said: ''I think it's an important chapter. There are some people who just know innately what they are, what they're capable of. Yeah, it seems natural.''

Unlike her wild character Darby in the new movie, the blonde beauty claims she isn't particularly carefree and prefers spending quiet nights at home.

She told ''I'm comfortable in the familiar. I'm not a risk-taker. I'm a nester, so I'm nothing like [her]. Not in that respect.''

Amanda also doesn't understand why people love sharing intimate information on social media.

She said: ''[Younger people] spend the entire day on Instagram, and they also take pictures of themselves and post them all the time with a veiled brag. It's sad.''

But she added: ''Taylor Swift is pretty hip. She seems pretty honest. I think that's hip. She's promoting knowing yourself, and that's the best idol.''