Amanda Seyfried will work ''less and less'' as she gets older.

The 'Ted 2' actress - who is in a relationship with Justin Long - is expecting her ''priorities to shift'' in the future as she wants to have children eventually.

She said: ''The chances available to me are something I will never take for granted, but I know I'll work less and less as I get older. I'd like my priorities to shift towards family. I think that would be something really fantastic to experience.

''But I don't know, it's really about being happy with the now, and I feel like it's good right now.''

Though she turns 30 in December, Amanda isn't worried about getting older.

She told OK! magazine: ''I like growing up, it doesn't scare me. It's silly to think like that. It means a new stage and a new chapter for my life and my career.

''As I go towards my 30s, it's starting to make sense. Everything I've done is working up to this point where I'm getting the respect in my career that I've been looking for. I always recognised myself in every role and didn't know if I could see myself playing someone different, but now I can. That comes with age.''