Amanda Seyfried wants a wedding without guests.

The 29-year-old actress - who is dating actor Justin Long - is always under scrutiny because of her career so would rather enjoy her big day in private.

The blonde beauty - who is staging her sister Jenni's wedding at her New York home next month - said: ''Marriage is great, but the wedding...

''I don't want the big wedding. My sister's wedding is going to be much better because none of the attention will be on me.

''I do premieres and dress up all the time. I do that for a f***ing living. Putting on a dress and saying vows to the person I love is fine, if I am alone with him. That's what's really meaningful to me.''

Though Amanda says she and Justin have ''sort of'' discussed tying the knot, she is just happy to know he loves and respects her.

Asked if they have discussed marriage, she told Britain's Marie Claire magazine: ''Not really. I mean, sort of. You never know how committed you are when you're both always working.

''It's just a good feeling to know that you love each other. That's the most important thing.

''It's like, 'Are we here?' We love each other, we respect each other and it's a nice place to be.''