Amanda Seyfried thinks women respond to love differently to men.

The 'Les Miserables' actress knows about how much sway the powers of love hold over females and warns they never forget if they have had their hearts broken.

She said: ''Love is the most powerful emotion there is. That's why we're always talking about being in love, wanting to be with a great partner. I think women respond much more deeply to those feelings than men. That's why it's dangerous if men break our hearts, we never forget.''

Amanda, 27, admits she's previously been unlucky in love, and has previously openly talked of how the actor Dominic Cooper broke her heart.

She added: ''I can be very insecure at times and being in love is something that is very important and reassuring to me. I've had my heart broken and that's awful, but you can't let hold you back.''

Amanda is now rumoured to be dating 'Dexter' actor Desmond Harrington, who she has been seen with since August last year.