The domestic violence case between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is getting messier by the minute, and now they're dragging other people in the midst of their conflict. Depp apparently accused his wife of cheating on him with Billy Bob Thornton back in 2015, but the actor has completely denied all allegations. 

Amber Heard and Johnny DeppAmber Heard says Johnny Depp accused her of sleeping with Billy Bob Thornton

'Our Brand Is Crisis' star Billy Bob Thornton has branded the suggestion that he slept with Amber Heard during the production of their latest movie 'London Fields' as 'completely false' according to reports from TMZ

The story is that he 'never socialized with Amber off set, other than a cast dinner', and adds that he had no on-set contact with her either, other than in a professional capacity. Of course, in the movie, their character's are close; it follows the story of a manipulative young woman named Nicola Six (Heard) who strings along three men including a writer named Samson Young (Thornton) in a bid to bring about her own murder.

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Johnny's 'claim' came out when Amber presented some photos in court as part of her exhibit in her domestic violence case. One grisly number showed Johnny with the tip of his finger having been accidentally sliced off, allegedly after trashing a villa in Australia during a drunken fit of anger. Another photo showed the words 'Starring Billy Bob' and 'Easy Amber' daubed on a mirror in blue paint, after Johnny apparently dipped his bleeding finger in the paint. 

Billy Bob has been married to his filmset make-up artist wife Connie Angland for two years, after 11 years of partnership, and has a daughter named Bella with her. In light of recent rumours, he told TMZ that he has been forced to speak to her about it, and assure her that his relationship with Amber 'was Johnny's fantasy'.