An online company reportedly used her likeness to lure aspiring models into prostitution via Instagram, and as Los Angeles police detectives investigate the scam, Rose appeared on U.S. TV show The Doctors on Friday (21Aug15) to speak out about the controversy.

Wiz Khalifa's ex-wife said, "I was in shock, because I'm all for women empowerment, and to see something like that, it made me really sad. I always wanted to be a model when I was young, and I was young and easily manipulated just like these girls. Thank God that I didn't fall into anything like that."

One young woman alerted police to the scam after she found herself on the end of a fake FaceTime call with Rose, who she was told would select models for a "paid celebrity photoshoot".

Rose claims the video the company used was a Ustream video she streamed in 2011.