Amelia Lily is inundated with marriage proposals.

Despite the 'You Bring Me Joy' singer's male fans constantly expressing their undying love for her and asking for her hand in marriage over Twitter, she isn't tempted to meet up with any of them.

Amelia said: ''I get a lot of marriage proposals. It's awkward because I feel bad saying no, but I can't say yes because I don't even know the guys.''

However, the 18-year-old 'X Factor' 2011 finalist isn't quite as successful with the opposite sex in real life and she doesn't understand why no one approaches her on nights out.

She told OK! magazine: ''I never get chatted up. I think people are scared to approach me. I don't know. I'm quite friendly. But I've never been one of those girls who goes out on the pull or to fix up with someone. I go out to have fun and dance. I'm not looking, if you know what I mean.''

The star has had some bad break-ups in the past and says her top tip for getting over someone is to keep busy and avoid a rebound fling.

Amelia advised: ''Keep yourself busy. The worst thing to do if you come out of a relationship is to sit on your own and do nothing. Go out, get busy, go shopping and take your mind off it. That's my rule.

''I don't think you need [a rebound] necessary. It's how the person feels, how hurt they've been, how it ended.''