Amelia Lily has returned to the X-factor after having been voted back in by the public. However, according to The Daily Mail, speculation has been rife that ITV had fixed the vote to get Amelia Lily back into the competition.

The claims come after Amelia Lily was announced as the winner of the public vote an hour before phone lines closed. Twitter fans spotted a video on the website of Scottish ITV (STV) which showed Lily having won the public vote even though telephone lines were still open. The video had showed clips of Lily from earlier rounds with a statement: 'Amelia Lily is back in The X Factor after winning the public vote tonight.' Another statement posted on the site stated: 'As DERMOT O'LEARY read out her name, mentor Kelly Rowland jumped to her feet screaming as Amelia Lily looked stunned'. Producers themselves had recognised the mistake just after 9pm by tweeting: 'Voting is still open for your favourite act to return!! A video was just released by mistake! #toomanytechnical difficulties keep voting.' STV said last night that it had accidentally uploaded four videos to its website at the same time declaring each of the contestants a winner. A spokesman said: 'The STV web team prepared stories regarding each contestant in anticipation of the result and due to a technical hitch, all four stories went live on our website. We apologise.'

Amelia Lily stormed the show last night as she then came onto the stage to sing a rendition of the Queen classic, 'The Show Must Go On'. The results of who will be leaving next will be revealed on ITV tonight (13 Nov 2011).