Amelle Berrabah told her new husband he was the ''egg in [her] yolk'' and the ''jam on [her] toast'' in her self-written wedding vows.

The 30-year-old singer tied the knot with Marcio Sousa Rosa in Mauritius last month, just days after they got engaged, and she admitted the couple's personalised words to each other left the ''alpha-male'' record label executive in tears because they were so touching.

She said: ''They were very romantic and emotional. Marcio never cries and nothing fazes him, he's so laid-back, but he had to grab a tissue and cover his face because he was crying at one point.

''There were a couple of funny bits in mine, too. I said, 'You're the egg in my yolk, the jam on my toast. Marcio, without you, there is no me.'

''It was lovely to be able to say what I feel about him. I knew I'd fallen in love with him within a couple of weeks of us meeting.

''I loved that he was very mysterious, very alpha-male and he doesn't feel the need to brag.''

While Amelle's mother and five siblings were not invited to their whirlwind wedding due to the pair's wish to have an intimate affair, the former Sugababes star is planning a second ceremony in her parents' native Morocco in which she is going to wear seven dresses.

She added to HELLO! magazine: ''It'll be a big Muslim ceremony and I'll have seven dresses. Well, I might bring it down to three.

''But it's like a three-day party and I'll have henna up my arms and everything. It'll be lovely for my family to be part of it.''

The couple will then embark on a honeymoon to Thailand in the new year, and Amelle admitted Marcio had originally planned for the newlyweds to celebrate their nuptials in the south east Asian country after their Mauritius wedding but he had to scrap those plans because it is monsoon season there.

Amelle and Marcio have already talked about starting a family and she is hoping they will welcome their first child together in around a year.

She said: ''We're thinking maybe in a year, a year and a half - two years tops.

''I'm just so excited knowing this man is mine now, forever. We're very blessed.''