Cannes is renown for its glamour and decorum; the world’s finest actors, directors, writers and producers – not to mention the money people putting millions behind the films on the slate – all walk down red carpets in opulent suits and lavish dresses. 

But, wait. Something happened. America Ferrera was trying to be one of those people when Vitalii Sediuk, a Ukrainian prankster known for such stunts, dove beneath the dress of the Ugly Betty star. Needless to say, she was perturbed at the time. And needless to say, it has made headlines.

America FerreraAmerica Ferrera was trying to enjoy Cannes, when...

Ferrera had just met Cate Blanchett and was posing for photographers with her. She stars alongside her in How To Train Your Dragon 2 in a voice role. Blanchett, apparently, was the first to turn around and try and push him away, making sure  Ferrera was alright. "They were all so supportive. They all just wanted to know I was okay," explained Ferrera of those that were with her on the red carpet at the time. 

"It's fine -- I'm over it," Ferrera explained when The Hollywood Reporter asked about the incident. She added that she’d been nervous heading into her first time at the festival, and had even read up on red carpet walking.  "I think it's impossible to not be nervous," she said. "I would say this and the Oscars are the two most iconic red carpets in the industry." Sounds like she just needed a Ukrainian man to jump under her dress to settle her nerves.

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Last year, Cannes was rocked by a man who decided to fire a gun during a TV interview with Christoph Waltz. The perpetrator was later sent to jail for 18 months for his indiscretion; Prosecutor Gwenaelle Ledoigt accused Cros of inciting fear during the scare, likening it to an act of terror: "Using terror and violence to impose his political views, this is the very definition of terrorism. I'm not saying this is an act of terrorism, but intellectually the process is the same, only the degree of violence is different."