Last night’s American Idol did not start on a promising note. The theme was Movie Night – something that the judges hoped would bring out the stars in the so-far lackluster Season 13 finalists. Audiences were just about to grab some popcorn and look out for the kind of entertainment only Hollywood wood provide. Fifteen minutes in, it looked like just another lackluster night at Idol. For the first hour or so, all the performers hammed it up on stage, including those, who can usually be counted on to deliver the night’s best performance. Case in point: Majesty Rose, whose song choice – Let It Go from Frozen – fell flat.

Majesty Rose delivered on the vocals, but not on the power.

It was Caleb Johnson, whose Bond-themed performance was the one that finally kicked things into gear. Skyfall was a great, if surprising choice on his part and, according to popular opinion, the first actual popcorn-worthy performance of the night. It may have been that performance that finally turned the night around. By the end - Malaya Watson's rendition of Dreamgirls' I Am Changing, things were looking much more hopeful for the next episode and for this entire season.

Caleb Johnson
It was Caleb Johnson's rockish rendition of Skyfall that became the turning point of the night.

Other strong moments included MK Nobilette’s rendition of Bob Dylan’s To Make You Feel My Love. It wasn’t quite as dramatic as Watson or Johnson’s songs, but MK brought some much needed sweetness to the night and her voice was perfectly suited for the song. Having ended up in the bottom 3 for two weeks straight, maybe the Nobilette has finally decided to up her game.