American Idol returned for its 11th season, deviating little from the tried and trusted format that has seen it become one of the Usa's most successful reality contests over the past decade, with stars emerging from it including Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Hudson - who went on to huge acclaim despite not even winning in 2004. Indeed, the introduction to the first episode of the new episode made a big deal of the longevity of the series, pointing out the fact that many of the contestants hoping to take the 2012 crown would've been in single figure years when Kelly Clarkson took the first crowd in 2002.
Anyway, the first person to qualify for the next stage of the competition as it went straight into its audition round was 17 year-old David Leathers Jr, a man who claimed he'd beaten the show's 2011 winner Scotty Mccreery in a talent contest a few years previous, something MCCreery seemed to admit to on Twitter when tweeting ""I knew I knew that kid from somewhere! Hahah" Others who got through included the daughter of a former World Series baseball winner, Shannon, Nba dancer Brittany and Amy - who apparently lives in a tent with her boyfriend.
It wasn't all good for the judges in the first week however, African-born Mawuena's brave attempts to cross into country music dead ended with a rendition of Rascal Flatts' 'I Won't Let Go,' whilst Jessica was questioned as to whether what she was doing could even be called singing? She was unanimously booted out for her cover of 'In This Song' by CHARICE.