Really, American Idol? Another Motown special? You’d think that with so much experience under their belts, and with world-class talent like Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey on board, the folks behind American Idol would be able to think of something a little more… how you say… challenging? or interesting, even, than yet another Motown-themed evening on American Idol. That’s what viewers were faced with last night though and once again, it is via the medium of Motown that the weekly winners and losers shall be decided.

So who were those winners and losers? Well, Nicki Minaj has already stated, unequivocally, that whoever wins this year’s American Idol, it will not be a male contestant. Hanging on by a thread, then, is Lazaro Arbos. Even the presence of a gaggle of backing singers and brass players couldn’t lift Lazaro’s performance above being mediocre. And as for his joint performance with Burnell Taylor and Davin Velez? Well, that was a disaster and he even admitted that he didn’t know the words to the song. It’s not looking good for Lazaro right now. 

On the other end of the spectrum, Janelle Arthur’s country version of ‘You Keep Me Hanging On’ by The Supremes was a real success. Not only did she manage to transform the song but she did so with real style and grace, mastering the art of performing live with a guitar, which few contestants ever do successfully. It was a clear hit with the studio audience and the judges and we reckon Janelel’s going to be in the clear for another show. 

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American Idol judge Mariah Carey