The press predicted it when reports surfaced weeks ago about two of the most combustible personalities in pop past and present working together as American Idol judges, and true enough Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj have been going at it hammer and tongs on early tapings of the new series. TMZ reported that when bosses of the show told Carey - who at the time of her own signing assumed she'd be the marquee name of the new look judging panel - that they were going to approach Minaj to join her, she hung up the phone. However, the spat always had potential to make great TV and as filming got underway it became pretty clear that there remains no love lost between the two stars. Reports are that it was Carey who was very much the aggressor during early tapings at New York City, almost bullying Minaj by cutting her off several times as she began to critique a contestant. However, Minaj allegedly held her own and responded to Carey's interruptions with loud comments of her own. It sounds like exactly the sort of scenario the show's bosses want, although if they're not careful the show could well become all about the two warring singers rather than any of those trying to impress on stage.