British boxer, Amir Khan, has been threatened on the video sharing site YouTube, by an individual who is alleged to have stolen his Porsche, The Daily Mail reports.

The balaclava-clad man belts into the camera: “I'll rip your f****** head off. You know the truth, we know the truth. You got knocked the f*** out. Next time you can bring an army. Who gives a f*** if you're Amir Khan. You're not a hero here, you're a zero.”The Amir Khan Twitter page received an update in light of this, which read “silly rumours pple make up,” and a spokesman said: “We originally said we are not investigating the alleged incident, but have now revised our position.” Sounds like a good idea. The supposed attempted car theft involved 6 ‘gang members’ who were unsuccessful in stealing Khan’s Range Rover, but the man on the video has his own take on the events. “Ask him to explain this: Why have I got his f***ing Porsche keys, you waste, why have I got this Louis Vitton f***ing wallet - it's yours, you waste, and it's got your €500 in it,” he shouts, aggressively, before referencing some footage of Khan boxing in the ring. “Look at those legs wobble. Does this man look like he can knock out six men? He looks like a samba dance. Your chin looks big on TV. You're not welcome in Birmingham, every time you come we're going to smash you up.”

In an official statement last night, a West Midlands Police spokesman said: “Police are investigating reports of an alleged criminal incident on Adelaide Street, Birmingham at around 1.23am on Monday, October 8.”