A masked man who claims to have assaulted Amir Khan and stolen his wallet and car keys has taunted the former boxing champion in a YouTube video. Khan and his brother Haroon, 20, were allegedly victims of an attempted car-jacking in Birmingham this week.

The Khan brothers reportedly took on six men, with Amir knocking one of them to the ground, according to an eyewitness who spoke with The Telegraph. In a London news conference, the boxer showed his undamaged fists to journalists, "They are fine," he smiled. Amir's father Shah was less impressed by the incident, "I've told them it takes a bigger man to walk away. Let them have the car." Now, the boxer's alleged attacker has claimed the brothers did not 'win' the fight, despite the fact that he and his gang failed to get away with the car (a classic indicator of when you've probably failed in a carjacking) In the YouTube clip, the man calls Khan a "bitch," adding, "You know the truth, we know the truth. You got knocked the f*** out." The man then shows a Louis Vuitton wallet containing Porsche keys.

After being knocked out by Danny Garcia earlier this year, Bolton-born Khan will return to the ring to fight the unbeaten Carlos Molina in Los Angeles on December 15, 2012.