Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan is heading back to hospital for a scan after falling sick again over the weekend (07-08Apr12).
The veteran actor has been recovering at home since undergoing abdominal surgery in February (12), but he will seek further advice from doctors on Tuesday (10Apr12) after experiencing severe pain on Sunday night (08Apr12).
He has been booked in for a scan at a local hospital in his native India and hopes medics will be able to discover the cause of his discomfort.
In a post on his blog on Monday (09Apr12), he writes, "So last night just after I had finished with the blog, I rose from my desk to get to bed, but excruciating pain stopped me in my tracks and I found it difficult to walk to stand to sit to lie down. Quite horrendous!
"This was not there post-operation even... so what really is the reason for it two months down the line? I have no answer. But tomorrow there should be one as I prepare for a CT Scan... The scan can pick up any region that could be infected or being the cause for the pain.
"A pain killer has done the job for the day, but because they need to be taken with some restriction, I try to bear up with the discomfort for as long as I can... I must reassure you that matters are still under control..."