Raju Shinde was taken to a Mumbai hospital after he was shot at close range inside the city's fabled Film City complex.

Police investigating the incident believe it was linked to "a personal rivalry" and was not linked to filming or the studios.

A spokesman for the city's police department says, "We are investigating from all angles and shall probe if he (Shinde) had got any threats in the past (sic)."

Bachchan took to Twitter to alert fans to the drama, writing, "Shooting at Film City... and a gang war shootout 20 feet from where we are...!! 1 dead... cops all over."

He later corrected the tweet and added, "Correction: in gang shoot out where I was shooting in Film City person shot at is NOT dead. He has been taken to hospital."

Bachchan was reportedly shooting Wazir at Film City at the time of the incident.