Evanescence star Amy Lee is considering launching herself as a solo artist using material from the band's scrapped studio sessions because the tracks weren't "right" for the group.
The singer/songwriter stopped work on the band's self-titled third album last year (10) and discarded a number of songs, before starting the project over again.
Lee admits the tracks she dumped would not have worked for Evanescence, but they might be good for a solo record.
She tells The Pulse Of Radio, "I think that some of those songs aren't right for Evanescence. Some of the songs that we had at that time may be for a solo thing in the future. We really do have a lot of extra songs from that time and also songs that the band wrote together.
"My head's totally focused on Evanescence right now, but I think it's totally possible that some of those songs will end up on a different project someday - maybe solo, maybe something else... (It) wasn't like Evanescence music. Some of it was really stripped-down and acoustic. And I went through this big phase where it was more based on programming, and not about the band really at all... but when we went into the studio at that time, we just weren't all the way there. It just wasn't sounding right."