Usually poking fun or messing around with her buddy Tina Fey, Amy Poehler uses her Ask Amy series – posted on YouTube – to discuss some of the more serious matters in life. This week, she tackles Millie’s question on popular videos.

"I've been thinking about what these images do to our brains and to our heart and how we should look at them, and when we should look at them," she tells Millie. "What do I want my eye to see? How can I keep myself informed and connected without exploiting people and harming myself?" Nowadays, disasters are reaching an unprecedented level of coverage, given the accessibility of new media technologies. The meteorite in Russia was the most-videoed aerial even t in history, as they all have cameras on their dashboards over there. "It's been tough, hasn't it?” Poehler continues. “Doesn't it feel like we're just bombarded with stuff now? That everywhere we go there's just some picture that's worse than the one before?" "It's okay not to be looking at what everyone else is looking at all the time, and be okay with letting some things rest in peace," she concludes.

Addressing the bombings that happened during Monday's marathon in Boston, the 41-year-old funny lady says, "I don't know if this makes any sense, but this has been a weird week, hasn't it?" She thanks Millie for her question and adds, "I love you Boston."

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