Looks like you can expect a whole load more funnys from Comedy Central this year - two of your favourite shows have at least two more seasons ahead, and a new show is set to hit in the Spring. So sit back and relax for a comedy ride featuring Amy Schumer and 'Broad City'. 

Amy SchumerAmy Schumer returns to Comedy Central

'Inside Amy Schumer' has been picked up for early renewal with the announcement of Season 5 in 2017. Season 4, meanwhile, is yet to be broadcast, but will hit Comedy Central in April 2016 with an exact schedule date yet to be announced. It seemed unlikely that the show would achieve such roaring success, enough to warrant an early renewal the likes of which is usually only reserved for big budget action, fantasy and sci-fi shows. Thankfully, though, the world has taken to Schumer like a duck to water, especially since her blockbuster big screen debut 'Trainwreck' was released.

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Alongside that, 'Broad City' has also got a couple more seasons coming up, with renewal for Season 4 and Season 5. Season 3 is set to air on February 17th 2016. If you don't already know, the show follows two best friends named Abbi and Ilana (played and written by Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer) in their day-to-day lives in New York, where even the simplest of things turn into an eye-watering hilarity fest.

Also, once the 'Broad City' season 3 finale has hit, there'll be a brand new show to look forward to. Comedy Central has given the go-ahead for 'Time Traveling Bong' - a 3-episode mini-series co-produced by Glazer of 'Broad City' alongside Paul W. Downs and Lucia Aniello which will hit on April 20th.

'Time Traveling Bong' is pretty much self-explanatory; it's about a bong that takes its users on a journey through time and space, while in the end teaching the characters that the best place to be is here and now.