Amy Schumer is in the news again. The comedian pulled a Jennifer Lawrence recently. That’s what I’ve decided to call it, when someone beautiful and famous goes all relatable and falls on her face in public.

Amy SchumerSchumer got a little starstruck upon meeting Kim Kardashian.

So her pratfall at the TIME 100 gala in April was a big topic of conversation, when Amy guested on the Graham Norton Show this week.  And, being Amy Schumer, she approached the incident with a #noregrets attitude.

“I think falling is the funniest thing, so I just took a dive in front of them,” explained Schumer while visiting The Graham Norton Show, adding, ”I’m doing God’s work.”

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At this point you may be wondering how Kimye took it irl, since on camera it looked pretty cringe-worthy. And that was accurate, apparently.

”Did the photographers miss the moment where Kanye cracked a smile?” asked Graham Norton. ”Oh no, that did not happen,” said Schumer. “He did not crack a smile at any point.”

Watch the video of Schumer recalling the incident below.

Schumer admits that West did smile later in the evening, when she met the couple inside the gala: “Kanye was smiling at me, but like as if you programmed a robot to smile." Sadly, Kardashian-West ignored Schumer’s question about whether Dash, the store she owns with her sisters, was hiring. If Schumer worked at Dash, it would almost make it worthwhile to stand in line to shop the Kardashian Kollection.