Amy Schumer understands that the only TV premiere anyone really cares about this month is 'Game Of Thrones', but that's not stopping her making sure you know that season four of her show 'Inside Amy Schumer' is also set to air in April. And how else to grab your attention but with this inspired promo video?

Amy SchumerAmy Schumer's show arrives ahead of 'Game Of Thrones'

Entitled 'Schwinter Is Coming', the brief video sees the 'Trainwreck' star bedecked in fantasy-style get up - Daenerys Targaryen style - upon a white horse whose reins are held by two handlers also in appropriate gear. 'On April 21st, 'Inside Amy Schumer' returns and, no spoilers, but Jon Snow is definitely alive', she explains, joking about the biggest plot mystery that has had fans speculating themselves silly since last year. 'Because he said 'no' to doing our show.'

Whether or not this is true remains to be seen, but no doubt more viewers than ever will flock to Comedy Central this year for Schumer's show with her having shot to international fame with her critically lauded, twice Golden Globe nominated comedy 'Trainwreck', co-starring Bill Hader and directed by Judd Apatow. The viewing figures for the premiere of season 3 were at an all time low  for her with 1.01 million viewers in contrast to season 2's 1.33 million and season 1's 1.56 million, so it will be interesting to see where season 4 takes her (and us).

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'And no, fame hasn't changed me, this is just the uber that picked me up', she added in the video, referring to the horse.

As well as 'Inside Amy Schumer', the comedienne has also been filming a new drama entitled 'Thank You for Your Service', based on the book by David Finkel. Co-starring Miles Teller, it's about the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on soldiers returning from battle. Plus, she's also teaming with Goldie Hawn for an action comedy where they will play a mother and daughter, though the project doesn't yet have a name.

While the first episode of 'Inside Amy Schumer' season 4 is set to air on April 21st 2016 (much earlier than previous seasons which landed in the summer months), 'Game Of Thrones' season 6 will arrive on HBO on April 24th.