Amy Schumer wants to ''help women feel better about themselves''.

The 39-year-old comedian and actress knows that people ''relate'' to her, and so wants to make sure she talks about subjects like pregnancy and periods that ''we're not supposed to talk about'', so that women can ''feel better'' about the processes many of them go through.

Amy - who has two-year-old son Gene with her husband Chris Fischer - filmed her pregnancy journey for her HBO Max docuseries 'Expecting Amy', and has also said she wanted to make sure she didn't ''make it look easy'', as she wanted it to be as relatable to other women as possible.

She explained: ''I feel like people relate to me and I wanna be as open as possible so that I can help women feel better about themselves. Because we all go through [so much]. [We] get our periods, we all [go through] all this stuff that we're not supposed to talk about. And with a pregnancy, we're supposed to make it look easy and I just really reject that, so I wanted people to hopefully feel better and educate other women about what might happen if they get pregnant.''

The 'Trainwreck' star also opened up on the terrifying moment she thought her son's life was in danger, as shortly after he was born, doctors warned her he may have had something wrong with his kidneys.

She said: ''One of the hardest moments, I think, of my whole pregnancy, was when the doctor asked us to turn the camera off - and that's every mother and parent's worst nightmare, is finding out that something's wrong.

''The whole time they thought something was wrong with his kidneys. But there's that scene in the hospital after they do an ultrasound they go, 'His kidneys are fine,' and we were like, 'What?!' Like, that didn't even seem like a possibility ... But he's totally healthy and we're so grateful.''

'Expecting Amy' also details her relationship with her husband Chris, and the star says she wanted to ''share every aspect'' of her life so that fans could see her in an unfiltered light.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', she added: ''We have a couple fights in this movie. We really wanted to include it all, because what couple doesn't have these struggles? But we have different struggles. Him being diagnosed with autism while we were filming, while I was pregnant, we wanted to share every aspect and not try and make ourselves look better than we really are.''