Amy Schumer's stylist Narciso Rodriguez tries ''to create a frame for her personality'' when he dresses her.

The 54-year-old designer has been styling the 34-year-old comedian for all her red carpet appearances and magazine covers recently, and has revealed he loves bringing out her big personality in the clothes she wears.

Narciso said: ''I think that comes with a great comfort level with herself and a sense of security. You know, my mission is just to create a frame for her personality. If you make something for someone and they feel good in it, I think that's what's most important. Then they feel good and that's what comes across.''

The fashion designer went on to reveal his favourite outfit of Amy's was a black leather dress she wore to 'Live with Kelly & Michael', because ''she felt great in it''.

Speaking to, Narciso said: ''She really liked a stretch-leather dress that I made her, and I really enjoyed watching her model it in the fittings, so I guess [my favourite] would have to be that because she really appreciated it and she felt great in it, and that always makes me feel good.''

While the 'Trainwreck' star is curvier than most celebrities seen on the red carpet, Narciso insisted he doesn't just dress skinny women.

He said: ''I've never shied away from curves, so it's not really a departure from my client list. I don't really ever stop to think about who I dress and who I don't dress. I think it's important to dress all women.''