Okay, people seriously need to learn not to insult Amy Schumer. The latest victim of her wicked comebacks is a teen movie critic, who dared make a rather sexist comment on Twitter after the 'Trainwreck' star stopped to take a photo with him. Needless to say, he didn't get away with it.

Amy SchumerDon't mess with the Schumer

Jackson Murphy got the chance to attend the Critics Choice Awards on Sunday (January 17th 2016) where he met many of his fans and the icons he writes about on his website. One of those was Amy Schumer, but unfortunately his humour was not so forthcoming when it came to putting up the picture on Twitter. 'Spent the night with Amy Schumer. Certainly not the first guy to write that', he wrote alongside the image, which he later deleted.

Schumer was clearly offended, shooting back a Tweet in response. 'I get it. Cause I'm a whore? Glad I took a photo with you. Hi to your dad', she said.

Murphy was, however, mortified to discover he had offended the comedienne. 'I truly apologize. Thought you'd like the joke', he replied. 'I should leave the comedy to you! Thanks for the photo. Glad you won last night!'

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He took his apology a step further by making a public statement of regret on his feed. 'I truly apologize for the tweet I posted earlier. I'm not a comedian and it wasn't funny', he said.

Luckily for him, Schumer was in a forgiving mood and took the time to assure him that she accepted his apology. 'That's really okay honey. I just remember thinking you and your dad were sweet and it was a bummer to read that', she wrote.

He's not the only one to receive a telling off from the star for insulting her. KIIS 101.1's Matt Tilley deigned to call her 'Trainwreck' character 'skanky' in an interview last year, which prompted a smooth 'your mom' retort.