Amy Schumer ''doesn't know'' if she wants to make more movies.

The 34-year-old comic has earned rave reviews for her debut film 'Trainwreck' but thinks she'd rather stick with her comedy series as she hates the audition process.

She said: ''I don't know if I want to be in movies.

''It's like this. You read a script and it says, 'She's pretty, but not gorgeous, the funniest person in the room.'

''Then you go in and the casting director says, 'Wow that was good.' Then your agent says, 'They loved you' then you call a week later and say, 'Have we heard anything?' and they say, 'No but you're still in the mix.'

''Then you forget about it and that summer you see the role is being played by Jessica Biel.

''Everyone seems like acting in movies is the brass ring. But after doing one I feel like, 'OK, I get that that's appealing but it's not like, 'Well now I've done a movie I can't possibly go back to my stupid TV show.'''

However, the 'Inside Amy Schumer' star is also harbouring other career ambitions.

She told Empire magazine: ''You know, I'm thinking of going to dental school.''