Amy Schumer would ''throw the mic'' at anyone who sneezes at her comedy shows, amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 38-year-old comedian has vowed that it will be at least a year before she returns to stand-up comedy as she is worried about catching the virus and she admitted she would still be worried that any of her audience members could transmit the coronavirus to her.

When asked what she would do if someone sneezed during her set, she told The New York Times: ''I'll probably stop talking onstage and just leave. Actually, no, I'll throw the mic at the person who sneezed and run out the room scream-crying.''

Amy - who is married to chef Chris Fischer - also revealed that becoming a parent to her son Gene in 2019 has made her more cautious about her health.

She explained: ''I don't want to be back on a set until I'm sure everything is safe. I'm not going to go to the Comedy Cellar for a year at least. It's the biggest risk. If I didn't have a baby, I might be a little more chilled. You care if you die less if you don't. But now, I'm like, I better stay alive, I guess.

''For me, it's all about his safety, his comfort. It used to be (my husband) Chris. Now it goes Gene, then me, then Chris. I'll be running out of the burning house with Gene and be like: 'Are Chris and the dog here?'''

While Gene is providing a distraction from the pandemic, Amy is worried about her parents, particularly her father who lives in a care home as he needs assistance for his multiple sclerosis.

She said: ''I'm worried about my dad, who is in assisted living where 15 people have died. My mum is alone. It's upsetting. And my friends who are nurses, a lot of them had it. But my day-to-day life is nice. It's nice to have a baby, because it gives you a routine, and he doesn't know what's going on.''