Actress Amy Smart had such fun preparing to play a pole dancer in CRANK sequel HIGH VOLTAGE, she has pledged to keep up her striptease lessons for her boyfriend.
The star took a series of classes, found her perfect tune and then learned how to strip and tease at fellow actress Sheila Kelly's S Factor studio in Los Angeles - and now she's hooked.
She tells WENN, "It was sexually liberating and really fun. It takes a lot of work to make it look easy. It's really awkward in the beginning but I had fun. At one point I wondered if I would ever pick it up.
"I loved my routine to Billy Squire's song Stroke Me. That'll get you going on the pole!
"Prior to working on this film I had taken a few classes of pole dancing and strip tease at the S Factor here in Los Angeles. It's a really great place for women because it's very sexual and very female empowering. I think I'll get back into that because it was a great work-out and a great class, and there's no mirrors so you don't have to feel insecure watching yourself seeing how you look; you just sort of feel it in your body."