Amy the documentary by Asif Kapadia about the late singer Amy Winehouse has broken UK box office records, enjoying the biggest ever opening weekend for a British documentary film as well as the all time second biggest opening for a documentary.

AmyAmy has broken box office records.

Asif Kapadia’s doc is second only to Michael Moore’s 2004 film, Fahrenheit 9/11, which eventually took $12 million a figure which Amy could easily surpass. Amy opened in the UK on Friday (July 3rd) and earned £519,000 from just 133 cinemas.

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From July 10th Amy will expand to over 200 cinemas in the UK as part of a pre-planned nationwide rollout. Speaking about the doc’s success, Hamish Moseley of the film's distributors Altitude said, ”We are thrilled that audiences have come out en masse during a period of exceptionally fine weather to see Amy."

"It is testament to not only an incredible film, from some of the UK's leading filmmakers, but also to the unique talent and enormous lasting appeal of Amy Winehouse," he added. "We are delighted that audiences have chosen to celebrate the life of the truly talented musical icon.”

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In the US Amy managed to amass a total of $222,000 despite being shown in just six cinemas. The impressive total makes it one of the top limited debuts of the year. In the coming weeks the film will be expanding to even more US theatres.